To Georgia and Back

In my last post, I stopped with the last day of January as we were traveling to Georgia. We arrived at our destination around 5:30, having left at 3:40 in the morning or so. We were so ready to be there! We did have good roads most of the way- got into traffic in a couple of cities, but at least there wasn’t snow and ice.

I didn’t really notice how different Georgia was from Ohio at first. Interstates aren’t all that unique, and we actually were on the same road most of the way down. But after we got off the interstate it was a different story. I honestly felt like I stepped into a country song!

Back when I was in the youth, some of us listened to country music a lot of the time, even though we weren’t supposed to. I hardly ever listen to it now. It’s not really my style of music- but some of my peers were really into country. I am not making a statement about the rightness or wrongness of country music, just providing some background.

However, I was constantly bombarded with scenery that mad me remember quite a few different songs. Obviously the red dirt roads caught my eye. There just isn’t anything like it around here. And the pines. It’s not like we don’t have pines around here, but these seemed different.


“I start walkin’ your way you start walkin’ mine
we meet in the middle neath that old Georgia pine
We gain a lot of ground ’cause we both give a little
ain’t no road to long when we meet in the middle”


“I’ve learned I’ve come to know
There’s life at both ends
Of that red dirt road.”

“We laid rubber on the Georgia asphalt
We got a little crazy but we never got caught.”

These are probably the 3 songs that went through my mind the most. I decided more country songs have been written about the South than any place in the north. Does anyone sing about Ohio? And if they do, why would they? Just what would they sing about? “I spun my tires in the snow of Ohio every winter. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! It was a little crazy, but I’ve never had so much fun.” Yeah, didn’t think so!

(pecan grove, i think. it was amazing how well planned these groves were- perfectly straight lines whichever way you looked)

I wish I would’ve taken pictures when we had time, daylight and no rain, but that just didn’t happen all at once, so I settled for taking them through the window as we flew by on our way out. I didn’t get any pictures of the reddest dirt roads, which I really wanted!

The wedding was Saturday afternoon, but we were supposed to take family pictures around 11. We weren’t really supposed to be taking pictures while the photographer was taking pictures, so I didn’t get many. And then I was too lazy to take any at the reception, so I have nothing of that. I hope someday to get a few from those who did take pictures.


from the rehearsal- the bride and groom- Ryan and Karen

the kids before the wedding- uncombed, they both are just curly-heads!



with Aunt Jen

the beautiful bride got a little cold!


On Sunday we headed for Tennessee to met our good friends for a few days. We drove beside the Tennessee River for awhile, and it just made me think of more songs.

“Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain man,
We get together anytime we can.
Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain man,
We play together in Mother Nature’s band.”

It was just the craziest feeling to feel like I was living in a country song for a couple of days. It was fun crazy, though!


While we were in Tennessee, it was cool and rainy the entire time. We were close to Franklin and were planning to take the kids and spend one day in Nashville, but one of the other kids got sick, and honestly, just hanging out together was good enough for us, especially since we’d been sick ourselves recently and didn’t exactly have boundless energy.

Kierra was so happy to be with her best friend. The first night they giggled and talked late into the night. When I went to bed, I poked my head in the room and told them that they should probably be going to sleep, they just laughed at me and went right on talking. The third night they were much more tired and settled down faster. The next morning Kierra couldn’t figure out why she was so tired because “We went right to sleep. We only told like 5 or 6 ghost stories and that was it.” It just made me laugh.

all the kids watching something on netflix

playing Uno- of course Emily just makes herself at home on the table in typically Emmy fashion!


Kierra was heartbroken when her best friend moved hours away last summer. I don’t think most little girls have such a bond from the very young age that they became inseparable. I know I never had a friend like that when I was young. Kierra misses her terribly and looks forward to every time that they can be together again. As much fun as they have together, it makes her miss her friend so much more when we get back home. She’s been struggling with missing Rachel a lot again this week. “why can’t they live a half hour away so we can see them every week?” she wonders. I know, sweetheart. I wish for the same thing!!

We headed for home Wednesday. We had mostly good roads. It got a little snowy by the time we got to Ohio, but it didn’t slow us down too much, which was a blessing.


The rest of the week we just tried to get back to normal and realize that no, Thursday was not Monday and the week was coming to an end. This week is the first completely normal week for awhile. It’s refreshing in that we aren’t very sick (there are some sniffles, but nothing like last month!) but it’s not without its challenges.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. The girls have spoken, and we will be celebrating here at home. What are your favorite Valentine’s Day menus?

And just a video of the song that keeps speaking to me- the video makes it even more touching. I think about it so much. I am with my girls more than anyone, and sometimes I can see the light die in their eyes when I say something I shouldn’t have or in the wrong tone of voice and it cuts me deeply, whether I will admit it at the moment or not. There was one day I was especially caustic and angry and every time I or someone else turned on the radio, this song was playing. Talk about a clear message to watch my tongue!

How do you speak life into those around you, especially those who are struggling with difficult things? I wish sometimes I would be better with words- words of life.


2 thoughts on “To Georgia and Back

  1. Oh my! You sound like me when I travel. I sort of leave pieces of myself everywhere I go and the whole country song thing has me smiling. A lot! I love your Ohio version. It does seem like there’s just more romance to some places than others. The country songs written here would have to do with oil wells, I guess.

    Your girls and their hair. They are just too gorgeous!
    It’s late and I will not take time to listen to the song, but I will quickly tell you that our family tradition is a valentine’s breakfast. I don’t do anything extra special, but we use pretty dishes and napkins and have chocolate and candlelight with our eggs and fruit and they all think it’s pretty wonderful. Hope I remember to come back later and listen to your video. I too want to speak life and have the law of kindness on my tongue, but it’s so sharp some days.

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