If I had to use one word to describe this week so far, it would be “coughing.” All of us. I was the last to succumb as we’ve canceled activities day after day.

It’s so hard for me to know when to keep children home, but when they are coughing so much they are driving me crazy, I figure at the very least, they’d annoy everyone else, too. So we’ve been pretty much homebound all week. It could be worse. Fortunately, stay at home moms who homeschool have a fair amount of flexibility- at least I find it that way. The world won’t end if Emily misses story time at the library, for example!

Emily had a birthday last week. We’ve made it through 3 crazy years! We just had a quiet celebration at home, and she didn’t seem to mind. Her “real gift” didn’t come until yesterday, so the excitement stretched out a little longer.100_8273

Even when we keep things really simple, or especially when we do, I like to do something special like use the good dishes for a birthday meal. The girls love the goblets, especially, and always make sure they clink the glasses together before drinking.



Emily especially loved her birthday balloon!


I was not thrilled with how this “simple” cake turned out, and I couldn’t find smaller gumballs anywhere, but Emily is only 3, and she was perfectly happy with it, so that’s all that matters.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Earlier this month, we spent a weekend with Kendall’s family at a cabin a couple hours away. It was all fun and games until the girls got sick in the middle of the night. I never heard that anyone else got sick, so I think it was probably eating too much of the wrong things, especially for Emily, who was the sickest.  She doesn’t do good with self-control (in a lot of areas!). If she sees food and no one stops her, she’ll eat it.


Grandma and the kids made little chocolate mice.


cute little nephews




Kendall’s mom brought a cake along for the fall birthdays. Then the grandsons wanted a picture with the cake, too. Dear little Emmy didn’t get her face into the cake on purpose, she really didn’t! But I have a feeling she’ll get herself into lots of things over the next years-that’s just her nature!


There are 4 grandchildren on this side of the family so far- ages 6, 3, almost 4, and almost 2. There’s another grandchild that should be here any day now- we’re waiting for that phone call!

There will soon be 8 grandchildren on my side of the family. 6 years ago, Kierra was the only grandchild on both sides. A few years make a lot of difference- if we can persuade more of the brothers and sisters to consider marriage and parenthood, there could be a lot, lot more in 6 more years! Ha ha! I have 4 unmarried siblings and Kendall has 7, although there’s a wedding coming up soon there! Our 2 youngest siblings will both be 16 in a couple months. That’s hard to believe. My youngest sister was 4 when I moved away. These little kids are growing up!

I will leave you with a crazy  picture from our recent family photo shoot, one that isn’t going to be on our Christmas cards. This is so typical of Emily- she really does give the best hugs! I find it amusing how Emily makes it look like Kierra isn’t even very close to me, and in fact, she’s snuggled right in there, too!


I love my girls!

(sorry about the weird spacing- wordpress does that on its own- it looks fine when I draft it. if you know what I am doing wrong, let me know, okay?)


8 thoughts on “November

  1. Sorry you’ve been sick! We’ve been that too the last few days, and it’s can be wearying on the mommy. 🙂 And not knowing when it’s okay to leave the house is hard for me too. I think I err on the side of NOT leaving, because I’ve been around too many parents to drag sick kids everywhere (true story: parents bringing kids with active whooping cough AND chicken pox to church).

    The cake you made is adorable!! I think it turned out beautifully! I think Emily & Olivia would get along quite well. 🙂

    • I do keep my kids at home fairly readily when they are sick, although colds last long enough that it tries my patience! But if they are coughing constantly or their noses are a fountain, or they have a fever, I will usually keep them home. Every now and then, I do feel like breaking my “rule” because it doesn’t seem like anyone else cares about protecting MY kids, so why should I worry about theirs? 🙂 But being considerate usually wins!

  2. This is that time of year when so much is going around- I always err on the side of keeping the kids home. I know as a mom I never appreciate the coughing kiddo in the nursery or library story time.. Sometimes it’s not avoidable, you’ve got to go what you’ve got to do, but if it is then we just stay home. At times I actually “enjoy” the kids bring sick – means I have an excuse too to stay in my pjs and lay on the couch ;)))

    Happy birthday to Emily! I forget your girls are close in age mine- as clarita said it’d be fun to get them together!

    The cake is awesome- way better than my store bought ones. Ha!!!!

    Have a super day! Hope the coughs subside SOON. xox

  3. I am totally with you on the birthday cake deal. I dislike making them, they never turn out and the list goes on and on. 🙂
    Recognize the cabin. Our kids love going over there.

  4. Sorry about your cough. No fun. 😦

    The cabin looks like a great place to hang out with family!

    Oh…little girlie birthday parties are the best. Keeping the party small is wonderful too! More relaxing that way.

    Happy weekend!

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