Just Another Day in Paradise!

It’s a rainy day here. I took Emily to the library for story time this morning. She loves it, and it makes her feel like SUCH a big girl to do what she always saw Kierra doing. They are supposed to be 3, and she’s still 2 for a couple of weeks, but they said it was okay. I tried to make sure they know that if she gets to be too much, I will understand and stop bringing her. They say she’s okay- although not as well-behave as Kierra was! Kierra feels a little left out since she is too old, but she is a million times easier to keep happier in that 45-55 minutes than Emily was!


I was finally able to sit down this afternoon and feel good about it! My house is clean and neat, and there is nothing pressing to be doing. I am sure it won’t last long- in fact, I need to go get supper cooking so we can be ready to leave the house in a couple of hours. But even having 30 minutes when I feel caught up feels great!

We had a long weekend visiting our friends in MO last week. It was so GOOD to see them! Kierra was so happy to be back with her best friend that’s she missed so much, and they played until they were too tired to play anymore- and then they’d soon find more energy to do things together again!

This morning was a BAD morning. By the time I got to the library at 10, I was exhausted. Then when we went to leave, Emily raced out the door ahead of us into a parking lot full of moms ready to leave with th eir kids. I was so scared, mortified, and furious! She knows better! She totally got that I was upset with her, but she seemed to think I was most upset that she ran through a water puddle and got her shoes all wet. She really doesn’t seem to have any impulse control some days.


Anyway, I remember thinking somewhere in there that SOMEHOW I had to get back control of my day. Kierra hadn’t started school for the day, and I hadn’t accomplished anything. And somehow, we were able to turn the day around and Kierra got her school work done, I got the house all straightened up and cleaned up, and now I just feel better about life. When a day starts out so rough, sometimes it’s easy to give up and let it spiral out of control, and it feels so good to have made the choice to make it a good day in spite of it all and actually succeeded in that. Sometimes I forget that I DO have a say in how my life goes, and there ARE things to do to make us all happier and calmer. Circumstances do not have to dictate my mood!

And that’s all… for today. My break time is over!


5 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Paradise!

  1. Sometimes it IS hard to turn them bad days around!

    The library sounds fun….im sure my kids would enjoy something like that.

    p.s. I still remember the 3 bucks that I owe you 😉

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