Birthday Fun

It was after midnight until I finally made my way upstairs. I looked at the alarm clock, and it showed 12:03. It took me back 6 years exactly to one of the happiest moments of my life- when I held Kierra for the very first time.

I quietly went over to her bedroom. She always wants whichever parent didn’t take her to bed to come in and check on her before we go to bed. It always melts my heart to see the girls sound asleep. They look so innocent and sweet, and all the craziness they subjected me to during the day is forgiven and forgotten in that moment, if it wasn’t already.

I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek, saying almost inaudibly “Happy Birthday, sweetheart.” I couldn’t let her hear me, because I certainly didn’t need her to know her birthday was officially begun. She had been almost too excited to fall asleep as it was! She stirred and mumbled, “I can’t wait until my birthday,” then fell right back to sleep.

I went to bed reliving this hour of the day six years ago. It was truly a magical thing after a long, hard labor to meet this little person, to find out she was a girl, to have her stop crying as soon as she was placed into my arms, to see her look into my eyes like she KNEW I was her mama and this was where she wanted to be. I fell hopelessly in love in that moment.


She was the first one up on her birthday, too excited to sleep any longer. We just had a quiet party at home, with the 4 of us.



After I set up the table the day before, I blocked off the doorways so that Emily (especially) wouldn’t mess everything up and ruin the cake.


And hey, they thought it was FUN to bust through it the next day! 🙂



The happy, happy birthday girl!


Sheer delight as we sang to her! (she lost her 4th tooth a couple days before)


The little sister likes getting in on it all, too!



Kierra thought the best gift of all was the cheap dollar store tiara and wand sets that I got for her and Emily. Of course, being cheap, the wands have both broken, which caused some drama and tears! Yes well, I am pretty sure they were not made to wave around while you are jumping on the trampoline, Princess!100_7761

I love my big little girl who has shown me so much about loving life and living fully. I am a slow learner, but it has done me such good to see life through her perspective.

This morning when she came downstairs, I asked her how my 6-year-old was. She got a big grin on her face, made her happy noise, and ran to give me a big hug. She had forgotten for a moment that she was 6, and it was pure joy to remember.

But she’s looking forward to her 7th birthday already. Oh help!

Her best friend moved away a month ago. That is and was really hard for her. She misses Rachel like crazy. They talk on the phone and Skype some, but that often makes her miss her friend more. (I understand- I miss their family so much too!) I knew that they wouldn’t be here to help celebrate Kierra’s birthday, so we had an early birthday party before Rachel left. I took the two girls and Emily mini-golfing, bowling, and to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. They had a lot of fun. Except Kierra didn’t win in bowling (both games were SO close!) and that upset her a little. We have to work on being a gracious loser, I think. I have no idea where that struggle comes from. (cough! cough!) They say my dad really didn’t like to lose games either, so apparently it’s a family trait! Fortunately, it is something that one can learn, losing graciously. I have come a long way from my childhood days!!



The girls cheated SO much in mini golf- we didn’t keep score, so it was okay. Emily, especially, was all over the place, but she felt so important!


Both big girls wanted superman ice cream after mini golf. I think it’s almost the most disgusting thing in the world, but hey! Whatever!


They are the craziest!!


Best Friends Forever!


Unbridled ecstasy when she got a strike or a spare (can’t remember which)100_7627

Apparently she likes purple skirts on birthday days! I didn’t even think about it until I posted both days together. Most days she picks out her own clothes. On her actual birthday, she came over to our bedroom bright and early already dressed for the day. She really doesn’t think you can do life in pajamas!


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