Changes, Beginnings, and a Quick Trip

Last Friday, we all made a long one day trip to Missouri to pick up something for Kendall. Almost 1400 miles, almost 24 hours, and a flat tire later, we made it back home.  We were all very tired, but still mostly sane. The girls did better than I expected, really. That’s a lot of sitting in one day!

My girls don’t always get along very well. Actually, to be honest, they usually don’t get along very well. Not right now, anyhow.  But sometimes they are nice to each other, pick flowers in the hot Missouri sun together, and even hold hands or play happily together. They love each other more than they want to admit, and can’t live without the other one very long!



These first pictures were taken while we waited on Kendall to get his stuff loaded.  We were bored and taking pictures. Who knew you could snap photos through the headrest of your seat?!


The other week, we started school again. It’s early, but Kierra needed more to do. Emily isn’t being very gracious about it. I think she is jealous- we went through the same thing last year for awhile. We haven’t gotten a full week in yet, but that’s okay- part of the benefit of starting early is being able to be very flexible when other things come up, like 24 hour trips to MO!  Today was Kierra’s 7th day of first grade.  She is enjoying it, I think, although it’s a little different than kindergarten.




She hasn’t mastered writing neatly yet, but I can tell a vast improvement even since the end of kindergarten.  She is starting to write notes- I find them here and there, and it makes me smile. Yesterday she wrote a note to give to her best friend at church “I love Rachel. I will miss you when you go to Missouri. It will be a sad day. Love, Kierra” or something like that. I can’t remember exactly how she ended it. Of course I had to help her spell Missouri and another word or two.

I am dreading the day Rachel moves away. They have been best friends ever since they were born, almost. Kierra has already cried her heart out about it  more than once, but when it actually happens in the near future, she is going to be inconsolable, I think.  I probably will join her, though. It’s SO hard to see such good friends move so far away! We will still be friends, but it won’t be the same!

Change is a part of life, though. We have to be willing to let go of what’s in the past to make room for the things in the present and future.  People come and go.  Things happen that change us forever.  We make changes that aren’t easy because it’s the right thing to do… it’s life, whether we like it or not!




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