Swimming Lessons and Eating Words

Four days of swimming lessons in a row. I am so glad this is the last day. Actually, I am wishing that in 30 minutes, I would not have to get my sleeping two year old out of bed and get everyone ready and drive 20 minutes to the Y for yet another day. Kierra gets to have fun learning to swim, but there is absolutely nothing entertaining for a 2 year old to do in those 45 minutes. Maybe if I didn’t have her along, I would strike up a conversation with some of the other moms, but it’s HARD for me to converse with strangers, and even harder when you have to watch a 2 year old. In a “sauna.” With a wet floor and uncomfortable chairs if you are lucky and get there soon enough. I tried reading a book yesterday. I got all of the first page read.



I take my Kindle Fire with its kid apps to keep Emily from running away from me, especially jumping into the pool. She insists on wanting to get in the “tub” and tries repeatedly to take her dress or shirt off so she can. Silly girl. She’s the one who cries almost every time her hair gets washed, fighting laying over in 2 inches of water, fighting getting a single drop of water in her eyes. (if only she realized that fighting and thrashing makes it 300% more likely we’ll get shampoo or water in her eyes!)


In theory, I am fairly opposed to letting a child spend as much time as she does on the Kindle, but I have found that it totally saves my sanity in cases like this. It’s the only thing that happily occupies her for any length of time, and I don’t have enough energy to constantly chase after her to keep her out of trouble. I don’t let her spend that much time on it at home, unless I really need to do something and really can’t have interruptions every 5.2 seconds. I have eaten most of my words as a parent. Actually, most of the things I didn’t necessarily say. But most of the things I thought, most of the ideals I had, I have had to amend.

After almost 6 years of parenting, one strong-willed girl and one stronger-willed, hotter-tempered girl, I have very few answers. I still have a few answers and ideals about parenting teenagers and boys. I imagine time will take care of that, too! Unless, of course, I never have a son. I might just end up with 12 daughters.


Later: We are back home. It was better than some of the other days. Emily was good enough to fool others into thinking she is an angel, I actually did converse with some strangers, and we were allowed to take pictures. It was even more sauna-like than ever, though!

And… the sun shone a little this evening! It’s been so gloomy this past week that every bit of sunshine is noticed and appreciated!


7 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons and Eating Words

  1. I liked this post, Audrey. And I totally get what you mean about eating your words as far as what you would or wouldn’t do as a parent! Been there, done that.

  2. My kids love my Kindle Fire, too. They beg for it constantly and I have to limit how much they play on it and decided to only let them have it as a reward. 🙂 I can’t even use it myself because if they so much as see that I have it, it is CONSTANT begging. 🙂

  3. I was so excited about swimming lessons for the boys, but maybe it won’t be as fun as i picture it in my mind. =) Here’s a post idea for you: My Ideals for Raising Boys. 🙂 🙂 I would love to read it. I like hearing people’s ideals for child training. Sometimes it helps me see areas I’ve been letting poor behavior slide when I really do want to work on it. Parenting is such a huge task…and privilege.

    • my comment about knowing how to raise boys was almost 100% tongue-in-cheek. i don’t even have any lofty ideals about how i would raise a son. i may quietly think to myself in extreme circumstances that i would never let “my boys” do that, but i can’t even think of an example off the top of my head. 🙂

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