A day in June

I had a horrible dream last night that I cut off my baby’s curls. Emily is 2 1/2, and hardly has enough hair to make little pigtails, and I would have to be totally insane to cut those couple inches of curls that took so long to grow. I mean, some of my nieces and nephews did or would have had this much hair before their first birthdays! I was so relieved to wake up and realize that I had not, in fact, chopped her hair off at her hairline!



The girls are being uncommonly well behaved right at this moment, sitting and listening to Bible stories. I have the My Bible Friends books and CDs. My brothers and sisters all loved them when we were children, and I got them for my girls. They haven’t listened to the stories for a long time, but they got the books out last evening and are now totally engrossed in looking at the pictures and listening to the stories.


I designated June as the month I would finally devote to getting my spring cleaning done. I have only done one room so far. I am not sure how far I’ll get this week. I doubt I will get much done today since I will be gone half the day and doing laundry the rest of the time. I didn’t get any of it done yesterday. I would’ve had some time to tackle a few closets or something, but it was a stereo-typical Monday, and I had zero motivation. Next week Kierra has swimming lessons and the next is VBS. So I’ll have to stay focused and stop making excuses if I want to get something done! I am planning to purge while cleaning, too. When you live in a small house, there is not room for a lot of things you seldom or never use or that you don’t even like that much.  I can be both a tosser and a saver. Those warring sides of my personality make it hard to maintain a happy balance!


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