They Way They Talk

One of my favorite things about being a mom is the funny things kids say, and the funny way they pronounce things. My oldest, Kierra, will be 6 this year, and I am a little sad that she’s learning to pronounce most of her words correctly. For “mother” and “brother” and “father”, she used to say “muller, bruller, and foller,” and it tickled my ear every time. She still usually pronounces “gravel” as “grabbel” and I love it.


My youngest, Emily, is 2 1/2, and she finally is talking a lot more. I just love listening to her talk, the way she pronounces words and the expression that she uses. It’s too cute. Since she’s been slower to talk than her sister, her pronunciation will probably cause me to smile for a few years yet. I look forward to it. One of her most hilarious words is how she says “Grandpa.” She loves to go to “Peempa’s” house. It sounds closer to “pimple” than “grandpa!”

It’s also amusing that she pretty much knows how to count to ten (and a little past) and she pronounces almost every word wrong. She picks up tunes for songs in a flash (she’s literally still singing parts of a song we heard once in a store several weeks ago) but she pronounces most of the words incorrectly.


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